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Magnetic Messaging has become a common name when it comes to successful dating guides. If you analyze the Google search trends, then you will notice that every month thousands of searches are conducted over Magnetic Messaging e-book. The popularity of this product compelled me to buy the product and come out with a detailed Magnetic Messaging review which you will be reading in this article.

The e-book is of 185 pages and is broken into six parts which are given below:

Part 1: Introduction: The Principles of Phone Game
Part 2: First Phase: You Want to Date Her
Part 3: Second Phase: You are Sort of Dating Her
Part 4: Third Phase: You’re Dating Her
Part 5: Appendix: Common Questions & Mistakes
Part 6: Final Thoughts: Afterword from Rob

The first part talks about principles of phone game which is a 3 part process namely

1. Initial meeting
2. Phone game
3. The date

The benefit of talking/texting through phone is that you have ample time to think and respond as opposed to face to face meeting. Hence phone game is a low pressure situation and if you have used the right words here, then next stage will follow. This e-book also provides you various examples, templates and game plan to proceed it from one stage to other.

The results of Magnetic Messaging PDF e-book are 100% working and practical. “Magnetic Messaging key lock sequence” is the core area of this book apart from various text messages, real life examples etc. You will be amazed to find out that those text messages are so powerful that you can even get an interaction going up with a totally stranger girl too. These words provide an emotional impulse in her which are enough to shake her psychological attention towards you.

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, the creators of Magnetic Messaging system are an expert in the dating niche. They have designed the “Magnetic Messaging” by giving higher attention towards effect of words on women psychology.

The Magnetic Messaging key lock sequence is a result of various studies done by psychologists on women behaviour and their thinking. Apart from dating women, an extra added thing which you will learn is on attractive interaction with women which you can employ even on women whom you do not want to date.

The Pros

1) Apart from text messaging, it explains real attractive interaction technique with women.
2) Magnetic messaging example texts are combined with real life examples
3) Systematic and simple explanation of techniques
4) Added Tip for people who have been in the friend zone
5) Explains the common mistakes which you must avoid
6) Comes with free bonuses
7) It is a digital e-book and hence can be downloaded immediately after purchase

The Cons

1) Apart from being just a dating guide, it even goes way further to teach how to make her compelled to have s-e-x with you and many such related things which might be objectionable to some.


The Magnetic Messaging secrets are unmatched when it comes to dating guides. The level of publicity and sales it has got worldwide proves that techniques explained in book are genuine and practical. You are very sure to receive an outstanding and powerful package of real working tips in this e-book.

To make sure that you are receiving genuine version of this product, download from the official site at

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